Anxiety Free - Natural Anxiety Relief Review*
Anxiety Free stress release is an over the counter supplement helpful for relief from stress and anxiety.* Anxiety Free has natural ingredients which boosts the positive effect and induces calmness.* It has Sensoril, which helps to increase the stamina and resistance to fatigue, tension, and stress.* Works positively on negative effects of anxiety and stress and improves alertness and concentration.*
General Claims

It has L Theanine, an amino acid that stimulates the alpha brain waves and creates relaxation stage and mental alertness.* It contains Gamma Amino Butyric Acid known to reduce anxiety and induce relaxation.* Anxiety Free is designed with completely natural elements and is acutely focused on well being from the anxiety and restlessness phases.* It contains all the components in their full capacity and under clinically proven quantity.*
  • Increases the general feeling of well being*
  • Enhances the resistance to stress*
  • Counteracts on anxiety and stress*
  • Increases the vigor and vitality*
  • Increase energy levels*

Product Information & Fact Sheet

Product Name - Anxiety Free
Official Website -
No. of Ingredients - 7
Recommended Dosage - Two capsules daily
Allergens/Warnings - Not Available
Price Per Bottle - $29.99 at, $17.30 at
Company Name - RidgeCrest Herbals
Customer Service - 1-800-242-4649
Return Policy - Refund on return of product, for details click here
BBB Accreditation - No Ratings Available
Key Ingredients of Anxiety Free

Sensoril, L-Theanine, GABA (Aamma Amino Butyric Acid), B-vitamins, Eleuthero, Lemon Balm, Holy Basil
Other Ingredients

Not Available
Product Features

Anxiety Free helps in reducing stress

It helps in decreasing the anxiety feeling

It induces the feeling of well being

Its unique formulation helps to increase stamina and energy

It has soothing effect on anxious mind

All the content of Anxiety Free are completely natural
Discount & Offers

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Consumer Testimonials

"Anxiety Free is great for both me and my P.D. husband. He is able to focus much better and is less fi dgety. I found that it relaxes me within 15 minutes of taking it. I deal with stress better and have more patience with my children."
- B.H., Utah

"I was so glad when I found [Anxiety Free capsules]... They really relieve the anxiety feeling that you get from worrying and stress.”
- P.D.

By Jade - See all my reviews
Thank you for the bargain and great service...shipping was fast. We've bought this in the store and online elsewhere. You had the best price. We're glad we have our "happies". They work great and naturally during stress-filled days...smell like dog food, but they're awesome.
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By autumnleaves "DT" (Upstate New York, USA)
I have been taking this formula for months now - and may I say with NO SIDE EFFECTS at all!! The benefit of this supplement ( particularly Aswagandha) is that it just takes the edge off any irritablility my day delivers. Perhaps this isn't for everyone - but for me - I have NO NEED for any prescription medication these Doctors are so quick to write scripts for. I say - order a bottle, try it for a month - and see for yourself!

By katiep98465
I have only been on this product for about 5 days, but So far I love it. I have struggled with anxiety and attention/focus issues for as long as I can remember. I recently weaned myself off of my prescribed Adderall in hopes this product would me a natural alternative. So Far I feel calm, and "anxiety Free" in my day to day tasks. The added B-12 complex also helps with my energy level. This product has exceeded my expectations by far!!

By Jaime V. Austen (Seattle, WA USA)
I started using this product several months ago and it took quite a few months for me to get to the point where I felt relaxed. At the same time, I noticed that my muscles felt as though they were burning, no matter what I did. I try to work out doing aerobics and lifting weights, and the next day I would feel worse with burning muscles all over my body and severe fatigue and exhaustion. I developed a total lack of motivation with the pain of the burning in my muscles and fatigue. I was also loosing what strength I had gained and able to lift lower and lower weights with fewer reps. At the same time I lost my sense of taste and smell and had a great deal of tenderness in the tissues inside my mouth, the gums and cheeks. I do not know if it is as a result of Anxiety Free, but when I stopped taking it, the muscle burning went away, I have reduced tenderness in my mouth, and my energy coming back. I am still waiting to see if my taste and smell comes back. Since there are so many ingredients in this product, it is difficult to ascertain which one caused the above issues, or if this was even the culprit, but having stopped the Anxiety Free and having the muscle burning go away and my energy improve, I do think there is something in this product that contributed to my reaction. I have not been able to find any mention of side effect anywhere, but this was my experience, in case it might help someone else.

By Customer review
I have really noticed a difference taking this product I really like it! I would recommend this to anyone that needs to relax.

By S. Pestana (California)
I am still taking 4 a day and have taken up to 5. These work fairly fast to clam me down. I am so glad I gave them a try. I have had some days where more than 4 is needed. Says you can take up to 6 on on stressful days. These do make my urine look like mellow yellow but other than no side effects. If I am having that anxiety feeling come on I can pop these and suddenly the feeling is gone. I feel like I might still need something else if I have attacks but so far nothing these have not helped with.

By pdq1000
I had bought these pills from a local health food store but then they went out of business. I was so glad when I found them on line. They really relieve the anxiety feeling that you get from worrying and stress.