Kavinace - Natural Anxiety Relief Review*
Kavinace has the most essential elements to relieve from anxiety symptoms and enhances sleep activity.* The sleep attained with Kavinace is sound and can have good quality.* Its formulation of compounds is packed in vegetable cellulose capsule and is ideal for vegetarian people. One capsule a day is a powerful solution from sleepless nights and chronic sleep concerns.*
General Claims

Kavinace helps in balancing the neurotransmitter level and offer complete results with vitamin B6.* Its unique composition with Thera Mix 4 with Taurine and 4-Amino 3-Phenylbutyric Acid in 950mg quantity proves to be the most ideal dose for complete solution to anxiety and sleep disorders.* It does not contain commonly known factors causing allergies and is free from animal derivatives and extracts.*
  • Improves sleep*
  • Enhance sleep quality*
  • Offers solution to anxiety related issues*
  • Supports GABA*

Product Information & Fact Sheet

Product Name - Kavinace
Official Website - www.kavinace.com
No. of Ingredients - 18
Recommended Dosage - One capsule every day morning
Allergens/Warnings - Contains Soy
Price Per Bottle - $35.00 at vitasouth.com, $35.00 at Amazon.com
Company Name - NeuroScience, Inc.
Customer Service - Not Available
Return Policy - 30 days money back
BBB Accreditation - No Ratings Available
Key Ingredients of Kavinace

Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine HCL and Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate, Thera Mix 4 with Taurine and 4-Amino 3-Phenylbutyric Acid
Other Ingredients

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Vegetable Cellulose
Product Features

Kavinace has sleep enhancing components*

It has vitamin B6 which helps in improving the neurotransmitter functionality*

Its capsule is made up of vegetable cellulose*

Thera mix 4 is ideal for relieving anxiety and improve sleep*

It includes GABA most vital and essential for brain functioning*
Discount & Offers

10% discount at vitasouth.com
Consumer Testimonials
Source: www.vitasouth.com

Shannon, Posted by Solid Product on 26th Apr 2011 -
While I have noticed increased energy during the day I am not sure whether it is from actually sleeping at night (from the Kavinace) or from this product. I'm assuming it's both. I've had no side affects.

Top Seller in our office, Posted by Amberly on 26th Apr 2011 -
I work with a clinic that carries around 60 products in house aside from prescriptions and Kavinace is the land slide best seller. Whether its taking one for stress or two for sleep many patients say they just cant imagine life without it. Its a rock star sleep aid without the nasty hang over.

The Best Product for Anxiety and Stress, Posted by Elizabeth on 26th Apr 2011 - I had a hard time relaxing at the end of the workday and a friend recommended Kavinace Supplement. I have been so thrilled with the results of this product that I recommended it to all of my family and friends. It helps me to relax but not be a zombie.

Helps our child w/ anxiety, mood & hyperactivity, Posted by Bonnie on 26th Apr 2011 - We came to use Kavinace for our elem age daughter with neurological issues based on the advice & experience of a child development research team at a univ near our home. We were convinced by them of its safety. It has helped our child be calmer, has helped stabilize her moods, has reduced her hyperactivity. She also takes RX mood stabilizers, but the Kavinace keeps that from having to be increased. She has sleep issues too and perhaps Kavinace helps w/ that too, but we didn't start using it for that reason. She has to take large doses of melatonin to be able to fall asleep. She has no side effects from taking Kavinace. We tried taking her off Kavinace for a few weeks as a test of its effectiveness. After about a week w/o it, we saw that it helped her immensely (she's a gifted, A student). We won't ever go w/o it again.

Amazing product-will never be without it, Posted by Angie on 26th Apr 2011 - Kavinace is without doubt the best product I have ever come accross. It induces sweet sleep without groggy effects in the morning. I was skeptical about taking it during the day for occasional anxiety, but to my surprise it eased my anxiety without making me sleepy.

Best Sleep Aid EVER, Posted by Alane on 26th Apr 2011 - I have taken every OTC sleep aid, I have tried baths, I have tried tea- Ive tried it all. My mind just cant be put to sleep! If I take enough cough syrup I can sleep but then I wake up feeling crummy...and like a junkie haha. Kavinace gives me a quick yet suddle boost toward sleep that keeps me asleep till morning when i wake up feeling like a million bucks! HIGH RECOMMEND! I bought some for all my family.

Best gift ever!, Posted by C.E. on 26th Apr 2011 - I bought this product for my mom because I heard it worked wonders for sleep and anxiety. She takes it every night now and loves it! Now I don't have to worry about her taking products unlike Kavinace that are not natural which will cause negative side effects.

Neuroscience Kavinace, Posted by Greg L. on 26th Apr 2011 -
Kavinace is the best. Kavinace and I are down for life.

Calming, Posted by Stacey on 26th Apr 2011 -
I use Kavinace during the day to help with anxiety and Travacor for sleeping at night. If I get too groggy, I'll stop taking the Travacor until I feel I need it again. Kavinace is a staple for me and has really made a difference in leveling my moods.