Seredyn - Natural Anxiety Relief Review*
Seredyn has a unique formulation of vital ingredients with completely soothing and relaxing effects on mind and thus reduces anxiety and induces sleep.* L. Theanine works on neurotransmitter Gaba and increases its activity, resulting in relaxation and reduces anxiety.* L. Theanine is a natural amino acid found in green tea.* It has tranquilizing effect within 15 minutes of intake.*
General Claims

Another vital aspect of Seredyn is passion flower extracts. It a known natural remedy for anxiety.* Use of standardized valerian helps in reducing anxiety symptoms and increases the calmness of mind.* It also has ingredients promoting a positive attitude.* Valerian is not known to be addictive when taken in recommended doses.* It’s vital ingredients have fast effect on anxiety.*

Seredyn also has Niacinamide a niacin formula effective on anxiety prevention.* Seredyn contains mineral magnesium and amino acid taurine, these vital elements help in reducing anxiety.* The entire combination of all these vital ingredients proves to be an ideal solution for immediate relief from anxiety.
  • Reduces nervous tension*
  • Decreases anxiety*
  • Eliminates stress*
  • Increases mental focus and clarity*
  • Mood enhancer*
  • 100% natural ingredients*

Product Information & Fact Sheet

Product Name - Seredyn
Official Website -
No. of Ingredients - 8
Recommended Dosage - One or two capsules up to three times daily
Allergens/Warnings - Do not exceed three capsules at once or six capsules daily. When taken as directed, Seredyn is not addictive or habit-forming.
Price Per Bottle - $34.95 at, $29.95 at
Company Name - BioNeurix Corporation
Customer Service - (800) 929-8935
Return Policy - 60 days money back
BBB Accreditation - Rating A+
Key Ingredients of Seredyn

L-Theanine - SunTheanine (99% pure L-theanine), Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) extract standardized to 4% vitexin, Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) extract standardized to 0.8% valerenic acid, Niacinamid, Magnesium Taurinate
Other Ingredients

Magnesium Stearate, Rice Powder, Gelatin
Product Features

Seredyn contains L Theanine a natural amino acid found in green tea

L Theanine increases the activity of GABA, neurotransmitter, and induces sleepiness

Enhances relaxation and reduces anxiety

Seredyn uses passion flower extracts for soothing effects

It has valerian extracts in standardized form used as natural sedative

Seredyn uses Niacinamide for anti anxiety purpose and compounded formula does not have side effects
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Consumer Testimonials

"I have been taking Seredyn for about 3 months for chronic anxiety and it has helped me so much and with no side effects at all. Just recently my father was hospitalized and gravely ill. During those weeks my family and I spent in the ICU with my dad, my anxiety was temendous but I firmly believe the Seredyn helped me through that. My brother was also there and suffering from some pretty severe "meltdowns" over my dad's illness. I mentioned that I was taking Seredyn and he agreed to try some and within minutes he felt the calming effects! He has continued taking Seredyn to help with the daily anxiety and stress of his job and his wife is amazed at the difference it has made!"
--Penny, Montana

"Seredyn is remarkable... almost immediately relaxes me." "Seredyn is remarkable. I have occasional acute work-related and very occasional social anxiety. Seredyn almost immediately relaxes me. I have tried prescription Xanax, which is not only not as effective, but it also makes me irritable. Seredyn is a wonderful product."
--Lisa, Virginia

"This stuff is the best!!" "I have tried countless products to help with my chronic anxiety and until I tried Seredyn nothing helped!! This stuff is the best!! THANK YOU!!!"
--Richard B, Rhode Island

"I'm simply unable to obsess and worry... since taking one Seredyn each morning." "Truly unbelievable miraculous results. I'm simply unable to obsess and worry about potential problems anymore since taking one Seredyn each morning. I feel like the normal person I always wanted to be. Thank you so much!"
--John T, Michigan

"I can seriously say I have never felt better in my whole life... My anxiety is gone..." "I have been on Paxil and Xanax for almost as long as I can remember and prior to that Prozac for depression, anxiety and insomnia. I stopped taking Paxil about 6 weeks ago due to ongoing side effects that I just could not deal with anymore. It was sending me over the edge, I had gained over the years 10 kilos and life was a fog. Since I started taking the Amoryn, Seredyn and Mellodyn I can seriously say I have never felt better in my whole life. Friends and workmates make comments on my attitude, loss of weight, glowing face, energy and determination. My anxiety is gone, my panic attacks feel like they were a bad nightmare and I sleep through the entire night without waking at 5 am because of a pounding heart. I only came across your products by accident on the web. But I am obviously very happy that I did. As a busy professional running a multimillion dollar company, stress and anxiety are part of the game but I awake each day now with renewed clarity, a positive attitude and ready to seize the day. It may be a cliché but I reckon I have had a paradigm shift."
--Craig, Victoria, Australia

"Seredyn takes the edge off my anxiety and lets me cope...I would recommend it to anyone who needs to mellow out. Thank you!" "I think Seredyn is very effective at relieving anxiety. I've given it to co-workers and they all agree, it does work. Before Seredyn, I used to take Valerian root but I had to take a lot of it to work mildly and then it would me me really sleepy instead of just relaxed. Seredyn takes the edge off my anxiety and lets me cope. Every now and then, I still need to take my prescribed Tranzene but no more that 2-4 times a month. Seredyn lets me cope with a hectic life without having to use prescription medications that can be addicting and have severe side effects. Thank you for making it. It has really helped and I would reccomend it to anyone who needs to mellow out. Thank you!"
--Anonymous, Survey Response

"I am almost COMPLETELY anxiety & panic free!!" "I began using Seredyn about a month ago and could not believe the dramatic difference I've experienced! I am almost COMPLETELY anxiety & panic free!! I used to be so anxious, it was sometimes hard for me to leave my house. I was in an "anxious" mode all the time, but not anymore! I feel like I have a whole new outlook on life and I'm enjoying every minute. I have to say, Seredyn works AS GOOD or EVEN BETTER than Xanax!! It's truly been a lifesaver for me!! I can't thank you enough for this AWESOME product!!"
--Deanna, Michigan