Let’s Look At Panic Attack Causes
Many times panic attacks give rise to false alarms. Considering the similarity, people relate symptoms of panic attack to heart attack and visit emergency room often. Though these signs are false alarm and people generally realize that after physical inspection in an emergency room. There are several theories to justify and explain panic attack causes. It is observed that panic attacks have genetic connection and family history of panic attacks in parents is often associated with attacks in their offspring. There are several other factors which govern the occurrence of panic attacks.
Identifying causes of panic attacks

Though science has not revealed precise reasons and causes for panic attacks some observed reasons are
  • Circumstantial aggregations of events
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Genetical disturbancesBio-chemical imbalances
There is apparently a genetic related connection between the families and thus causes of panic attacks are transferred from one generation to the other. In addition to that, certain memory blocks stores memory of painful events, triggering these memories may lead to panic attacks. The most crucial part is about continuity or repetition of panic attack. Panic attack causes do not require much time to become chronic disorder with serious impact on health.
The primary panic attack causes

There is a very primitive doubt about the reality of panic attacks. With some tests it is proven that symptoms caused due to panic attack are measurable on a scale and are genuine. These are
  • Sudden increase in heartbeats
  • Immense sweating and palpitations
  • High blood pressureIncrease in adrenaline level in blood
These symptoms are measurable with various tests. Many times we might not able to identify panic symptoms and do not call for serious remedies to eliminate panic attack causes.
Criticalities involved in panic attacks

Panic attacks last from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, however the entire process of panic attack is emotionally painful and causes lot of negative impacts. Those who undergo panic attacks really feel the extreme fear and are scared with anxiety of having another attack. This continues with irrational behavioral concerns and social disturbances. Sources say that consumption of alcohol and caffeine increases chances of panic attacks. Medication offers instantaneous alleviation of attack symptoms, however does not offer to be a real time solution. Most essential element is to recognize the symptoms and ensure precaution to keep a check.* Panic attack causes can be decreased with precaution and logical application of remedies for longer duration.*
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