Overcoming Panic Attack Disorder
Sometimes people are caught in an extreme wave of fear, this may happen in certain situations. However, repetitive occurrence of such attacks create disturbance in routine life and may also lead to several complications. Exact cause of these attacks is still unknown. However, scientists think that these attacks are alarms invoked by brain to make the body components ready to handle danger situations. So people feel excessive blood flow in arms and legs and palpitation. These are caused due to secretion of adrenaline in blood after brain invokes alarm. Sometimes, these alarms are associated with previous memories and similar events that happened in the past may trigger the alarm.
How do you limit anxiety disorder panic attack?*

Usually physicians consider one or two panic attacks as normal. However, frequent panic attacks are developed into panic attack disorder. During the disorder, people suffer from repeated symptoms and eventually develop into chronic disorder. Further they always remain in anxiety of the next panic attack. Some of these symptoms are
  • Racing heartbeats
  • Suffocation feeling
  • Nausea due to fear
  • Sluggishness
The symptoms are severe and are physical. At times, people think that they are into a heart attack. The symptoms and the phase are acute and affect the confidence to continue with daily routine. You have to understand and identify the symptoms first in order to find relief first.*
Unfamiliar panic attack disorder symptoms

Panic disorder brings devastating effects and many time people refrain from their normal activity. They are always scared to receive their next attack. Some of the symptoms to identify the panic attack disorder are
  • Frequent panic attacks irrespective of situation, time, and location
  • Different behavior due to panic attack
  • Continuous anxiety for next attack
These symptoms indicate existence of panic disorder and demand for remedies to limit symptoms.
Panic attack disorder in a nutshell

Usually a panic attack remains for few minutes; however it has devastating effects for years. In case of recurrences; entire commitment, work culture and peace of mind is disturbed to a great extent. Similarly, few minutes of feeling of pain and anxiety for repetitive attacks cause long term effects like loss of self confidence and might lead to more serious health concerns like panic disorders. This leads people to refrain from many situations and things around and is noticed for their absurd behavior. This might be even worse with the combination of other disorders associated with panic attacks and anxiety. Timely remedies are essential to help alleviate its symptoms. *
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